BITE is a Classic Rock vampire show, Vegas style.

Like a bat out of hell, BITE blazes through a high-octane soundtrack of over 40 of the world’s greatest Classic Rock songs. BITE has human flying, martial arts, live singing, audience participation, gymnastics, magic, contortion and some of the best dancing and choreography in all of Las Vegas. BITE is sexy, powerful and lots of fun.

The central character of BITE is a powerful, wealthy and musical vampire named, L.V. Rock. He discovered, created and maintains Las Vegas, his beloved Sin City. Rock knew Las Vegas would be the perfect place to survive thrive and as a vampire so he made sure all the pieces were in place to make Las Vegas the most popular city in the world.

Behind the scenes from the 1820’s thru 1980’s, Rock has inducted an arsenal of politicians, business people, religious figures, stars and entertainers into his coven of influential vampires. John Fremont, Brigham Young, Bugsy Siegel, Howard Hughes, Frank Sinatra and the Rat Pack, Elvis Presley and Oscar Goodman are some of the most famous, but the list reaches from Vegas to New York, Hollywood to the White House and all around the world.

After nearly 200 years of decadence, debauchery and excessive delight, Rock longed for something else… something real… something virtuous. He longed for a soul mate. He scoured the streets of Vegas in search of one virtuous soul. Although his attempts were fruitless, he created a sexy coven of hot rock angels along the way. Cat, Tush, Ice, Fire, Pain and Shimmy are enslaved to L.V. Rock and his music. Each of the coven members desire to be the L.V.’s true love, but they know his heart is somewhere else, so they reluctantly help him find his perfect mate.

Frustrated with his cloak of night, Rock devised a plan. He would step out into the mainstream by portraying himself as a legitimate businessman, a Las Vegas show producer. Rock’s plan was brilliant. He would create a Las Vegas show as a vampire, acting like a human acting like a vampire.

L.V. Rock wrote, directed, produced and starred in a smash hit show called BITE, a topless vampire show. It is the first and only vampire show in Vegas and has been running six nights a week, fifty-two weeks a year for over eight years! His hope is that a virtuous woman will come to Vegas to see his show, fall in love with the show, see how talented and passionate he is and hopefully fall in love with his tortured soul.

In order for this virtuous woman to be his soul mate, she must willingly give up her human life. Throughout the show, Rock must seduce and convince her to do so. He shows her all the powers, talents, pleasures and music she can experience if she freely chooses to give up her soul to the night. Is there such a virtuous woman out there? Come to BITE and found out for yourself….if you dare.


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